Financial Diet

I have this habit of going through phases where I am shopping a lot, but I buy everything on clearance and I won’t even consider buying a shirt for More than $15 or a sweater for more than $20. I decided today, after buying a couple new tops and a pair of white corduroys at Label Shopper earlier in the week, to do one last shop and buy things without being so bargain focused in the hopes of being more satisfied. And with that done, I have challenged myself to buy no new clothing or shoes for 3 months. So the new tops were a gray loft sweater, a gray kind of inside out gap sweatshirt  tunic, and then today’s which I took pictures of for this post. I’m going to go through my credit card statements for the last 3 months and add up what I’ve spent on clothing since I have NO idea and make a new plan to spend $150-200 per season on a wardrobe refresher and also to replace items as needed at that time but buying things I love instead of the cheapest possible thing lol.

so here are my getting through winter purchases before the diet begins:



The booties were $20 and the gray sweater was $20 so I wouldn’t normally consider it even though that’s not even expensive!

I am going to also put away in under-the-bed boxes the clothing that I really like but doesn’t fit or I don’t wear often bc it’s more for occasions. And I’m going to do my second huge shoe and clothing purge of the year. I’ve started doing clothing swaps with some girls at work which is fun and also a good excuse to get together and vent and drink champagne. I’m thinking I may try to refashion a couple items as well.


Pattern Mixing and Glittery Nails

One great way I’ve found to distract from the parts of my body that haven’t quite recovered from baby #2 is to put more effort into making my outfits interesting and accessorizing. I feel like a fupa just feels more polished with a pretty print over it ;). Today I threw on the polka dotted tank and was about to reach for an open gray cardigan when I realized that I could make things a lot more interesting with a sheer flowered layer. And I’ve got to give credit to my coworker for turning me on to these Kiss nails… the learning curve was a bit steep for someone like me, but I managed to get them all on and I think they look great! Now I’m just going to throw on some gold sandals and I’m off to work. I’m really lucky to have a very casual business casual dress code.

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