I Should Rename This Blog

But I’ll leave it for now.

So, hey guys, I’ll say as if anyone is still reading when I disappeared for almost two years, ha! Basically everything has changed… Sam is about to turn two and he has a little brother now who will be 3 months old the same day! I’m working full time as a social worker and have been for a year and a half now. I thought I’d revive the blog to chronicle my attempts to get back in shape (running!), dress the body I have right now, and meal plan and budget for my busy family of four.

It’s late for me and tomorrow is my first day back at work after maternity leave (FMLA anyway), so I just wanted to pop in and announce my intentions for now. I’ll be back soon hopefully with my first day back outfit and my meals for the week!


Christmas Recap

I know I’ve been a very irregular blogger. That trend may continue until sometime in February because I’ve just been busy around here with various things and it seems I’ll continue to be.

I got spoiled rotten on Christmas this year which I was not expecting at all. I’d only asked for something monogrammed from my in-laws when asked and a stocking from C. I ended up opening so many gifts I felt like I was a kid again and there were diamond studs in my Christmas stocking. On top of all that spoiling we got a brand new vehicle on the 26th…. So here are a few materialistic highlights. We also got a beautiful handmade quilt from my SIL, a late wedding gift, in our wedding colors. It’s so lovely, a true heirloom.

image image image image

I went on a $500 Victoria’s Secret Shopping Spree

So, I am not usually one to win raffles or drawings or random things like that, but today I checked the balance on the secret reward card that I got with my online order of short length yoga pants and holy fuck, I won $500 to spend at Victoria’s Secret by Dec 19th!!

There was just no way I was going to do that online since shipping costs increase with the total, so after an appointment this morning I rushed the whole mile (ha!) from my house to the Victoria’s Secret store. I spent an hour and a half in there, keeping a running total in my head, including estimated tax because I’m a freak.

The pj set in the top corner is really cute with flannel bottoms with different cities on them.
The pj set in the top corner is really cute with flannel bottoms with different cities on them.
the print on the pj pants
the print on the pj pants




I got 3 bras, 2 sports bras, 14 pairs of panties (making sure to get the 3 for 33$ and 5 for $27 type deals), a pair of non-foldover yoga pants, a sporty little jacket, a pj set, sleep tank and body spray for a grand total of $503.03…. so I paid all of $3.03 for everything you see here. I am having THE BEST DAY!

This was just the most awesome pre-Christmas surprise because I am not one to spend $45 on one of the mid-range bras or $11 on nice panties. It happens once every few years that I’ll buy one bra and the 5 for $27 panties, so for me this really was the jackpot and I’m going to feel so spoiled everytime I get dressed! The cashiers were also pretty amused that my name is Victoria because they actually had to take my id for a win this big.

Holiday Excitement

First of all, I’m SO excited to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year for my brother and I. Since I’m pescatarian and he’s a foodie, I’ve planned a yummy, fresh and non-traditional feast with a great blend of fatty rich food, protein and lean veggies. And of course sugar for desert though I have virtually no sweet tooth. Here’s the menu:
Beer Cheese Soup (I’m adding broccoli to the recipe I found on a blog)
Cheesy Bread, courtesy of the bro
Shrimp and Cheesy Grits (w/ zucchini, cherry tomatoes, corn and smoked paprika)
Tricolored Bell Pepper Stir-Fry
and Maple and Brown Sugar cookies

It’s no accident that this menu calls for both beer and wine so that we get to enjoy the 75% that’s left over. We basically morph into 21 year olds when we get together. Well, 21 year olds who can cook and drink higher quality beverages than bud light and cheap tequila. Does that just make us run-of-the-mill alcoholics? Don’t answer that, we know.

Anyway, I’m so excited to have good company, good food and probably a 2-day hangover.

I’ve also already started thinking about and shopping for Christmas. I’m half-way done C.’s and my Christmas shopping, which means I’ve done a lot since I have taken over the shopping for everyone on our list. As far as our gifts to each other, I suggested that since neither of us really needs or wants anything major, it might be fun to just put together nice stockings for each other. C. was on board with the idea even though it probably requires more shopping and thinking about shopping than he prefers. I’m totally going to have fun with it, though, since it’s much easier to think of little things that he’d like but doesn’t think to buy for himself than a big thing (especially since I just got him Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for an early birthday gift). I only managed to surprise him with that because I pre-ordered it and gave it to him before he knew it existed.
Happy Holiday planning, hope yours is as fun as mine has been!

Visiting Virginia Family

We took the short-ish trip to the DC area to visit my sister-in-law and family this weekend. I got to see firsthand what being a mother of two kids under 4 looks like, and it basically looks like every wants and needs you all at once, most of the time. It’s a lot, especially when you figure that’s her time “off”, but she seems to juggle it all so well. I don’t know if I’d be as good at doing it all as she is, I would guess not. I mean she kind of does everything, works, sews, cooks, is mommy, is wife, works out on top of it all, and ya know keeps house, gardens, has a second job most of the time… I mean ?! It’s a good thing I’m not trying to measure up to all of that. Also, the kids are sweet and absolutely gorgeous.

I wasn’t surprised at how much kids need, and it in no way made me think twice about trying. The kids are so so precious and beautiful and their personalities are so distinct and freaking cute, I can’t wait to go back for Christmas. Anyway, that was most of my weekend. Other than that we bought and hauled up a new couch, an actual furniture-store couch for grown-ups before we headed up there. When we got hme, I ran out to buy some placemats for the table and some nice plaid flannel pj pants (Calvin Klein, even) for the husband since he’s heading to Michigan again and maybe Canada. Since I got my first real paycheck that was in the triple digits, I figured I’d make those little purchases. My SIL was nice enough to give me several tops and pants that are too big for her as well as a dress, so I don’t have to shop much more for nice things to wear to work. And since she’s short like me, they need no hemming, which never happens, even with petite lengths. So, that was awesome, and the clothes are chic, yet kindergarten-appropriate. When I go for Christmas, I’ll have to bring her the things in my closet that are a little small for me and the clothing swap will be complete.

I’m Either Rich or Grateful

C. and I have had a long-standing debate about whether or not we are rich. Spoiler alert: we are definitely not even close to being rich. The debate comes from my continuously saying that we are rich. Because I feel freaking rich, people. And this is not some sappy post about how our love makes us rich or blah blah. What I mean is that our (lower) middle class life feels like being rich to me.

I didn’t grow up poor, though we were technically. The real version of poor came when I moved out at 17. I had a grocery budget of $11-15 per week and I rarely ate out (if I did it was fast food dollar menu). I could, and needed to, make a dollar packet of noodles last for a couple of meals and when the need arose to buy toilet paper, that stressed my budget. Basically, every single purchase that I made affected every other needed or un-needed purchase. I never had my own apartment, always found some room in a shared house or apartment on craigslist, I bought used cars with cash that I saved by being extremely frugal. I struggled to pay rent and utilities, and worried when I had to drive out of my way because I hadn’t budgeted for the extra gas money. This is still how I lived when I met C., though I was making more ($1200/mo) and had sold my car and walked to school and work in an effort to put $300/mo into savings. Speaking of school, I paid for school up until that time by taking a minimum amount of loans and then putting the rest on a payment plan which would take another 300 from my monthly income. It was a lifestyle that I was used to, but was absolutely stressful. Any minor thing, illness that required a doctor, maintenance needed on the car, shit, an oil change, could set me back despite my trying so hard to save.

This is why I am convinced that we are rich. Since we’ve combined our finances in certain ways (cars, groceries, apartment) I never have to worry about running out of food or buying toilet paper one roll at a time. I told him yesterday how happy it made me when I ran out of tp to realize that there were 16 more rolls in the closet. I remain very aware and grateful of how fortunate I am. I drive a new car that doesn’t need much, but gas or an oil change never means I have to sacrifice something else and we have paper towels and I can afford the $6 package of 50 face wipes I like, the nice razor blades and body wash, pants for work when I need them. I can buy all of these things AT THE SAME TIME AND STILL EAT. It’s all just so much to me, I really do feel rich. My version of rich, I guess, is having everything you need. And I have even more than what I need, so yup, I will continue to feel rich.

We don’t own a house, but we have somewhere nice and safe to live. Rich. I’m not shopping at whole foods, but I can make myself nutritious meals. Rich. I don’t drive a lexus, but I drive very dependable and cute little car that has a great warranty, Rich. There is a lot that we don’t have and can’t afford, but the reason that I feel rich is because that list of things we don’t have and can’t afford is full of things that we don’t NEED. In that way, and in a lot ways, I want for nothing. This life is very comfortable and that means we’re plenty rich enough for me. Having enough to take care of whatever we really need and whatever may come up is something I’m so thankful for and it doesn’t hurt to remember how many people, my former self included, would love to be in our position, “rich” or not.

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