28 Week Bump and Glucose Tolerance Test


I guess it speaks to how looooong pregnancy feels that I’m already beginning to lose interest in making these updates. Last week was actually more eventful than others, too! On Thursday I had my appointment where My fundal height was measuring 3-4 cm ahead. It was 4 the first few times the NP did it but she finally said, “well, I guess I could call that 31” since it’s less extreme. Fundal height is supposed to be within 2cm (+\-) the week you’re in so at 27w6d i should have been somewhere between 26 and 30. Other than asking if I was a big baby and being shocked enough to do it several times, she didn’t say anything about it although a lot of ppl get an ultrasound when it’s more than 2cm off. Im already getting an U/s at 34 weeks because he was so big at his anatomy scan, so maybe that’s why.

After that I grabbed a latte and breakfast sandwich before heading to the lab for my 1 hour glucose test. I wasn’t told to fast or anything, but ending up failing by 2 points. They like to see the number under 140 and mine was 141. So now I’m sitting here at the hospital lab, waiting for my last of 4 blood draws. I got here at 730 after going to the other lab first since no one told me about the venue change and will finally be leaving at 11:13. My fasting level was 91, which is passing, but not by too much and the rest of the results will go to my doctor’s office about 2 hours after my last draw. I’m glad I don’t have to wait too long.

Total weight gain: 19 lbs

This week stuff hurts some, like the round ligaments holding up my 4 cm too big for this stage uterus. Baby is moving a ton still, my whole belly jolts and vibrates and jumps. I took a short video to capture this crazy phenomenon.

A Rant on Counting/Math dealing with Pregnancy

Now everyone would say I’m in my third trimester, hurrah, we can all agree! I don’t know where this whole 28 weeks is the third trimester thing came from, maybe What to Expect because math and my Dr. and the insurance company all say it starts at 27 weeks (as in, when you’ve completed 27 weeks and are starting on your 28th week) but I’ve noticed that baby center and WTE call it 28, for no reason I can figure out since that makes for a very long 2nd trimester and a short third, when trimesters are just a construct designed to divide the pregnancy into three basically even parts.

[Editor’s note: here’s where we realize that my 28 week update has turned into a rant and its not coming back]

I’d say don’t get me started, but clearly I’ve already started. I have other pregnancy counting pet peeves, the biggest of all being when people say they are 7 months pregnant when they are IN their 7th month, but are actually 6 months pregnant thanks to these stupid charts that tried to simplify the whole week to month thing but obviously failed due to a lack of critical thinking. I mean, it seems pretty obvious that if theyre calling weeks 1-4 month one that you wouldn’t consider yourself to be 1 month pregnant at 1 week, except it apparently isn’t. By that logic I’d have to call myself 30 since I’m in my 30th year and we’d be calling our day-old babies a month old since they are in week 1-4. I mean. Gah.

Well, now I’ve just ranted and its probably boring to most and probably ticking off fellow pregos who just want to make themselves sound more pregnant by saying 26 weeks is 7 months pregnant because a chart said 26-30= month 7. My main problem with this is that people who are properly reporting how many months they are when asked are being treated like they’re monstrous because they’re so much bigger than other women were/are at 6 months pregnant (when of course they are bigger because they’re 4 weeks further along than other ladies claiming to be 6 months pregnant). I’ll leave the lunar month people out of this because at least there is logic behind that. I think the WHO actually tried to standardize our way of counting months during pregnancy and chose lunar months as the way to go. By regular months I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, by lunar months I am 7 months pregnant and by the super common misreading of that chart I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant. THIS is why we count weeks.

I don’t even think I can blame this on hormones, I think it’s just my Sheldon-like nature and pure vexation at inconsistencies, especially when the logic is clear. Follow the logic…. my husband thinks I’m insane and should let it go and I keep insisting that I cant because it’s WRONG. I think know he genuinely wishes he could sedate me sometimes.

26 and 27 Week Bumps and Updates,

image image

Guys, I put off week 26 (white shirt) for so long that I figured I might as well combine the two. Last weekend was busy with B and then Mother’s Day and then I hit one of those lazy, no motivation patches which mean that baby is growing furiously and my bump is about to pop for the 15,000th time.

Total weight gain:

At 26 weeks- 20 lbs, at 27 weeks- 17

Yes, you read that right. I had another weight explosion last week where I packed on four pounds in a day and ballooned up to 20 pounds gained, officially putting me just over the recommendation for the week! The first two times this happened (19 and 23 weeks I think) I let it go because I was behind in my weight gain anyway and I figured my body was just catching up all at once. This time, I was like oh helllllll no because I have a ways to go and cannot afford to be gaining 4 lbs a week on the regular. So, I upped my daily mileage to 2 miles per day instead of my former 1 mile goal and started using Myfitnesspal again to track my calories and nutrients. I even made a log in my planner where I note calories, sugar, fat and sodium along with weight and miles walked in case my weight gain didn’t slow and I needed to show my OB or a nutritionist what I was doing so they could tell me what I was doing wrong. Well, I lost 3 lbs this week, which really surprised me and just goes to show how much being aware of my diet and a little “exercise” can do.


Baby Sam jabbed me in a painful way for the first time during my 27th week… I was in Amato’s trying to order a veggie sub on Saturday and kept getting this sharp little pain in my side ribs. It kind of makes me nervous about what’s to come, im just hoping he doesn’t break any ribs when he’s all big and strong in there. He feels lower this past week, but maybe it’s not that he’s lower because he’s also higher up in my abdomen. It’s just that when I stand up or, especially when I walk, I feel a weight and pressure in the bottom of my belly… probably just because it’s getting heavier and heavier.


Both B and Daddy got me flowers for Mother’s Day, which was especially sweet because it’s kind of a gray area when you’re really pregnant but haven’t had a baby yet. Ok, I told your Daddy he should get me flowers, but he didpick out a beautiful bouquet which the kitties have enjoyed tearing apart and shredding all over the house. I went to Fairfield to church with my gramma, aunt angie, cousin and a couple uncles for Mother’s Day, a tradition as it’s all Gramma wants every year. B and I went to see a movie, Hot Fuzz, mostly as an excuse to eat buttery movie popcorn and junior mints (cheat day!). I read Maria Semple’s “This One is Mine” which didn’t take long because she knows how to keep her readers engaged. I’m still really enjoying my espresso machine and have taken to making an iced double half-caff nonfat latte in the morning so that I still have a little caffeine allowance left over for an afternoon pick-me-up if needed.


Allergy season has arrived, and added to the annoyance that is rhinitis of pregnancy. My feet and ankles get a little swollen sometimes but no one believes me because they’re normally pretty bony, so they look totally normal, but not normal for me!! But my rings still fit- I’ve made it 2/3 of the way wearing my rings, woo-hoo! I still feel good, but I make more noise getting up or down, I definitely cannot see certain parts of myself and I touch my belly an obnoxious amount because I can feel hard spots where his head and butt are, not to mention all those kicks and jabs! I was more tired but I think it was the drizzly cold weather and a growth spurt because now I’m back to my usual 7 hours of sleep and energy levels.

25 Weeks and a Nursery Update


It’s my first public bare belly bump shot!! I made it black an white because that somehow makes an expanse of bare skin less… Well, it looks less like I’m showing you lots of skin. I don’t know, whatever. It’s a thing, I think. So here’s my real 25 week baby bump and my stretched out belly button…. I bet I’ll be one of the women whose belly buttons pop out towards the end.

Total weight gain:

this one is getting tough since my weight has begun to vary by 2-3 lbs day to day. I will go by my average weight this week, which puts me at a gain of 16.3 lbs…


Seriously, I don’t really know much new about baby except from what the apps say. He is still a mover and a shaker, is apparently the size of a Napa cabbage and putting on baby fat!

My week:

It just started to warm up yesterday… Which means 50s and 60s and monday should be low 70s. Finally!! I got together with a friend from H.S. This week to do the crossword puzzle at Dunkin Donuts like old people. It took us 2.5 hours (with a lot of chatting) and we had to look up 2 answers at the end. Had dinner with B. At Pepinos (a chimichanga, so unhealthy but soooo good!!) And more progress was made on the nursery thanks to my dad biking up for a morning to set up the glider and hang the curtain.


What I’m Loving Wednesday: Espresso Edition


C. has been working so much lately that I thought it was the perfect time for him to buy me an espresso machine. Well, that’s the horrible person version of events. Reality: years ago he accidentally threw away a crucial part of my espresso machine and I could never find a replacement, so eventually he convinced me to throw it away with the promise that when we got our own house he would buy me a new one. As it turns out, buying a house is very expensive and the espresso machine was definitely not on the top of the list of things we needed. Curtains and curtain rods, blinds, a steam mop (no more carpets yay!!), a recycling bin and outdoor trash can; these were the things that new homeowners really needed.

Anyway, C. has been working in Oklahoma for over a month now and we are financially caught up after a few tight months with preparing to buy the house and move, and Bed Bath and Beyond sent us a 20% off your whole purchase coupon, so I decided the time was right. C. agreed after making sure I wouldn’t be buying a thousand dollar machine. He preferred $300 or less, I wanted a Breville, luckily with the coupon we both won b/c my $400 machine came to $320 and everyone lived happily ever and my daily dose of caffeine just tastes so much better.


I set it up which took forever (45 minutes) since I was uncaffeinated and slow and after adjusting my dose (as they call the amount of coffee in the permafilter) I poured my very first shot and it was gorgeous and had the most beautiful crema. It was almost a shame to dilute it with nonfat milk, but the quality definitely came through. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m really looking forward to the day when I can drink a double latte in the morning and then have an early afternoon pick-me-up con panna as well.

24 Weeks!

image image

Pardon my wet hair in these, but I am so excited to have reached 24 weeks… Also known as the first viability milestone. Now Baby Samuel could potentially survive outside the womb, it would not be easy or free of complications, but still, it’s comforting to know he could survive in the world. He also weighs around 2 lbs and he definitely feels like it, his kicks are getting stronger and stronger. I can’t wait for C. to come home so he can feel his son jabbing away, but I still do have to wait a while.

Total Weight Gain:

15-16 lbs. seriously, im traumatized. I gained 4 lbs this week, 3 overnight and I exercised more and ate well and gained another one the next day… So yeah, 4 lbs even though my diet or exercise levels haven’t changed ughhhh. I called my OB and talked to a nurse about it because I know it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia but she was unconcerned and said that my weight gain is “excellent” and im rigt in track and that its just water weight as well as baby, increased amniotic fluid and blood volume. So, yeah, I mean I can’t even tell where it went, but thats the second time I’ve just suddenly had a huge jump in my weight, I guess that’s just how my body does pregnancy and works around my trying not to gain too much. I just hope it doesn’t keep happening because I am trying so hard to stay on the lower end of the recommended range and now I’m already in the middle and I didn’t really have any control over it.

Speaking of weight gain, ha, I’ve got a lunch date with B so I’d better cut this short. Vietnamese is the plan today.

23 Week Bump and Update

Seems like you can count on me to post these updates late, whoops.


I chose that bump shot because my cat is being adorable in it. But, I do also look very pregnant which you can see above the real star of the photo.

This week all I even care about telling you guys is that I felt Samuel move from the outside!! And he’s been incredibly and regularly active. He moves a ton when I get hungry, probably because my stomach growling right on top of him wakes him up. My friend Danielle joked that he probably thinks a monster is trying to get him and he’s trying to get away. That seriously almost makes me feel guilty until I realize that the baby has no concept of monsters and is probably naturally not afraid if normal bodily noises. I also did find out that Samuel is 96th percentile overall, so taking into account abdominal circumference, head circumference, femur length, and another head measurement on top of weight (12 oz. at 19 weeks, now about 1 lb 12 oz if he’s still on the same track).

But yeah, he moves all the time and when he moves in the top part of my belly it’s really easy to feel it when I place my hand where Ive been getting jabbed. It’s kind of crazy to me that this movement which is already definitely NOT subtle is only going to get stronger and stronger until I deliver him. It’s hard to describe but it feels like a lot of popping and jolting in my belly. Maybe like if you ate something *really* bad, but without the pain.

I had an OB appointment. I am a tiny bit worried bc my blood pressure was 128/60 and previously it was 110/70 (December) and 114/72 (March). I saw the midwife this time and she didn’t say anything about it, but Im just surprised that there’s such a difference and hope I don’t become one of those women with no risk factors who end up with high blood pressure/eventual preeclampsia. The 128 is considered pre-hypertensive, and I wondered if standards were different for pregnant women, but usually blood pressure is lower in the second trimester than normal, not higher, so probably not. The diastolic number is definitely low, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad if the systolic gets too high. I guess it’s just weird to me because my systolic pressure has never gone higher than the teens, I really hope it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve started getting mild headaches again the last few days too. My next appointment isn’t for five weeks, so I will go to a drug store and use the blood pressure machine somewhere in that time just to make sure it doesn’t get any higher.

22 Week Bump and Update


Total weight gain: 11 lbs! It’s coming on much faster now!


Took myself to the movies on Tuesday at the cheap seats. I was the only one in the theatre for “Get Hard” which made me feel like I should almost have been able to pause it when it came time for my inevitable pee break. Tuesdays are $3 all day at the cheap cinema, but I spent $8 bc obvious,y needed a “small” buttered popcorn and a bottle of water. And last night was date night with B… We went to Blaze in downtown Bangor for dinner (and dessert…) and then to see 3 Blonde Moms, a comedy show. I think I’m finally feeling the second trimester sweet spot these last couple weeks, plenty of energy and overall feeling pretty good!! I did have a couple bouts of round ligament pains in my belly again this week… I can’t possibly be growing again can I?? Of course I can and am.


He was super active all weekend, but seems really mellow this week… And then he just moved while I typed that. But he’s definitely not been as active this week as he was on the weekend, probably bc I was so active then, too! 6 days until our next appointment and finally hearing from the Dr. about Samuel’s anatomy scan. That’ll be a big part of the 23 week update im sure, even though the news will be 4 weeks old at that point.

What I’m Loving Wednesday: Selfies and Shopping


Non-maternity shift dresses that fit my bump, but will also hide my post-baby bulge.


Adorable kitty cuddles. She’s back to my pregnancy pillow, lying long against my body.


Finally got the lobster roll I’ve been craving since December! It was actually my first lobster roll, but I believe in craving things you’ve never had, based on a fantasy you have of what they taste like… Normal?


All ready for Lindsay’s baby shower in the maxi dress that should fit my until I pop. Seems tough to find decent maternity clothes, so both pieces are non-maternity, but with an open-front cardigan and an empire waist dress in stretchy jersey, you don’t need maternity! Here’s to hoping I am still “ambitious” enough to do my hair and throw on some eye makeup and a dress for my own shower… This has barely happened since we moved away from Louisiana so it was a triumph, but speaking of moving away from the south… For this April 4 baby shower I had to wear cowboy boots under my dress and hike it up while I walked because It. Snowed. All. Day.

image image

I bought myself a new wallet! And didn’t spend $100!

My Gramma spoiled my 29-year-old self with an Easter Bunny. I swear it’s been over a decade since I’ve chomped the chocolate ears off a rabbit.


Samuel’s Grandma, my mother-in-law, got him this teensy and adorable set with a whale on the bum!! I should have taken a nicer picture, but isn’t is precious?!

And today I have a lunch date at the brand-new healthy foods store/deli/cafe that opened yesterday. Can’t wait to check it out and all of the locally grown veggies and farm fresh, optimistically cruelty free eggs!

21 Week Bump and Update #2

I decided to go back to (and stick with) counting by my original estimated due date because it could get messy and confusing otherwise if it keeps moving. So, here we are, week 21 all over again 😉

image image

Total weight gain: 8.5 lbs.

Baby is:

Moving a ton!! When I accidentally kept lightly bumping my belly against the counter while doing dishes, he started pushing back and when I bend over and it compresses my uterus, he kicks back! He also just seems to be a lot more active in general. Can’t wait to hear more about my great big boy when I see the OB on the 16th.

Mommy is:

Feeling good this week. Occasional heartburn, ever-present ligament pains in my upper thighs still, daily Braxton hicks, good energy, blah blah just normal prego stuff. It’s been so nice having a social life, I’ve been too busy the past couple days to make this post!

Life in general:

Last weekend I went to a wedding show for a wedding im the maid of honor in and a benefit show and silent auction for the local food kitchen. Also lunch dates and dinner making in my fantastic kitchen, all with my wifey B. You’ll never see her on here though bc she hates having her picture taken, and would never let me post one.